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Welcome To OLPS Kenya Receive greetings from Our Lady of Perpetual Support For People Living with AIDS and Orphans OLPS. We are indeed glad to have you visiting our website. At OLPS we find pride in making simple miracles possible on the basis of providing hope for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS catastrophe Read more


Maternal & General Clinics In Session The focus of this activity area is to expand availability of quality TB/HIV care and treatment services to the community through a comprehensive collaborative framework with other service providers both at community and health care settings. Read more


Pediatric Treatment OLPS works to support and strengthen pediatric ART services at OLPS health facility by building on pediatric HIV care ans support as well as optimizing identification and scaling up of treatment. Read more

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program The prospects for developing financial services to contribute to the mitigation of the economic impact of HIV/AIDS are quite promising. The impact of HIV/AIDS on the poor in terms of their ability to financially cope with the existing.. Read more

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program OLPS helps individuals identify their strengths and use the strengths to acquire what they lack. For example, most of the targeted beneficiaries have existing businesses and what OLPS does with the IGA scheme is to assist the beneficiaries with low interest loans Read more

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program Currently OLPS has a total of 40 individuals benefiting from this scheme. There are over 1,000 individuals in need of financial support to initiate a business to sustain their ever expanding needs, especially their own health and education for their dependents Read more

OLPS Garden

OLPS Demonstration Garden Description … Read more

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program Training OLPS advances loans of between Kshs 5,000 and Kshs 10,000 to successful applicants. These loans are repayable after a specific period agreed upon by OLPS and the beneficiaries themselves. Read more

OLPS Water Project

Water Drilling Enabling access to safe clean water and sanitation facilities is one of the strategies identified by the community in improving their health standards of the community Read more

OLPS Bee keeping Project

Bee Keeping Project Description … Read more



The education Scholarship Program was founded on the principle that Education is the surest pathway out of poverty. Give a child quality education and you will be sure with proper mentorship, the child will develop necessary skills to enable himself/herself move out of devastating state of perennial relief seekers to self sufficient individuals. This is OLPS’ belief!!!!

In spite of this reality, many children find it hard to access quality education which is a right for all children. Government’s efforts are in line with the international declaration of universal access to free and compulsory primary education. Primary school enrolment has plummeted impressively to reach over 95%. However, what is lacking is an elaborate plan for continued education for over 2.4 million Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

HIV/AIDS pandemic has created an enormous population of OVC in Kenya. It is estimated that over 2.4 children in Kenya are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS epidemic (National Plan for Action for OVC in Kenya, 2007-2010), and that only 32% of OVC have been able to get financial assistance to continue with their education beyond primary.

OLPS catchment area (i.e. Nyanza Province) is characterized by the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence of 16.9% (Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey-KAIS, 2007). This has resulted in an increase in number of OVC over years and the region currently accounts for over 21% of all OVC in Kenya. The majority of OVC guardians are too poor to look after their own children let alone cope with the added burden of feeding and looking after additional children who suddenly, without warning or preparation, appear in their lives. Some guardians are ill and/or incapacitated from the HIV/AIDS infection themselves. The children they foster have nowhere else to go and come to them as a consequence of death. Even in the best of circumstances, where a foster child is treated equally, there is immense financial pressure on families that are living at the poverty level.

OLPS started Education Scholarship Program to effectively address educational needs of OVC especially in secondary and tertiary level. This program has been in existence since the year 2003 but was officially launched in 2006. The program aims to provide financial and emotional support for OVC attending secondary school in an effort to increase each child’s chance of success in accomplishing their educational endeavors. This is accomplished by adopting a holistic approach which includes not only paying for school fees and other expenses but partnering OVC’s with social workers that can monitor their progress and provide on-going encouragement and support. Since the year 2006, the program has enabled over 440 OVC access and complete secondary education.

The need for secondary education for OVC is overwhelming. This year alone, OLPS received over 600 applications from potential OVC for consideration. Unfortunately OLPS could only absorb 87. Spot checks later confirmed that the number left out never made it to secondary school. What this means is that such children will always remain within the poverty cycle since they lack the means to enable them step out of it.

OLPS Partners in Education for OVC

  • Antelope Foundation,
  • Children Investment Funds Foundation (CIFF),
  • Our Lady of Peace Shottery Catholic Church,
  • Innerwheel,
  • Rotary Club International,
  • Aid to GOSPA’s Children,
  • Kenyan Cooperate Bodies (i.e. ABC Bank, Equity Bank)

You also can be a partner by helping OLPS sponsor a child through secondary education

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