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Welcome To OLPS Kenya Receive greetings from Our Lady of Perpetual Support For People Living with AIDS and Orphans OLPS. We are indeed glad to have you visiting our website. At OLPS we find pride in making simple miracles possible on the basis of providing hope for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS catastrophe Read more


Maternal & General Clinics In Session The focus of this activity area is to expand availability of quality TB/HIV care and treatment services to the community through a comprehensive collaborative framework with other service providers both at community and health care settings. Read more


Pediatric Treatment OLPS works to support and strengthen pediatric ART services at OLPS health facility by building on pediatric HIV care ans support as well as optimizing identification and scaling up of treatment. Read more

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program The prospects for developing financial services to contribute to the mitigation of the economic impact of HIV/AIDS are quite promising. The impact of HIV/AIDS on the poor in terms of their ability to financially cope with the existing.. Read more

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program OLPS helps individuals identify their strengths and use the strengths to acquire what they lack. For example, most of the targeted beneficiaries have existing businesses and what OLPS does with the IGA scheme is to assist the beneficiaries with low interest loans Read more

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program Currently OLPS has a total of 40 individuals benefiting from this scheme. There are over 1,000 individuals in need of financial support to initiate a business to sustain their ever expanding needs, especially their own health and education for their dependents Read more

OLPS Garden

OLPS Demonstration Garden Description … Read more

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program

Livelihood Support and Strengthening Program Training OLPS advances loans of between Kshs 5,000 and Kshs 10,000 to successful applicants. These loans are repayable after a specific period agreed upon by OLPS and the beneficiaries themselves. Read more

OLPS Water Project

Water Drilling Enabling access to safe clean water and sanitation facilities is one of the strategies identified by the community in improving their health standards of the community Read more

OLPS Bee keeping Project

Bee Keeping Project Description … Read more

Kelvin Awange

I was born in Kisumu, Kenya in a polygamous family. My father had four wives my mother being the third. At 6, my mother and I joined my father in Mombasa but a year later, he died and so we were forced to get back to Kisumu. In 1996, my mother died. My sisters and I went to Bondo District to live with our maternal grandmother

where I joined class 3 in 1997. I got my educational support and other needs from my grandmother. This went on for six years when I sat for my Primary Examination (KCPE) in Onyinyore Primary School. I was invited to join Maranda High School.

The chance to join Maranda High almost failed since my grandmother was not able to support both my sister and I in secondary school as my sister had already joined Akoko Secondary School. She sought admission for me at Akoko Secondary School.

My grandmother sought for assistance here and there and and four days later, OLPS came in to support me. They demanded for my chance in Maranda High and facilitated all that I needed to stay in Maranda. From time to time OLPS had been my second family and supported me in my basic needs in school. By then my grandmother had retired from her work and my sister too had dropped out of school, unable to pay her fees. I enjoyed my life in school and could be identified in leadership positions in school.

At the time when I was almost losing hope for ever continuing with my education, OLPS came to my rescue. OLPS was actually God-sent. The organization came into my life at a time which I considered very critical in my life. They sponsored my secondary education from form one to form four. At the end of the fourth year, I passed my examination and was later invited to Kenyatta University in 2008.

At this time, I was the only one in my father’s wider house to graduate from high school when I was almost the youngest in the family of thirteen (13) children. All of them had dropped out of school. 



Kelvin with police commissioner and                  

Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor                                                           Kelvin with members of the Kenyatta University  Student Council

While at the university, I realized more than academics and the experience brought out some of the unexamined ability in me. In second year, I was elected as the Congressman of my faculty (School of Humanities and Social Sciences) in the same year, I was elected the Speaker of the University Congress and my mandate had expanded to all the university campuses across the country. I could represent students in Senate Disciplinary Committee, and the University Council. I participated in more leadership positions, in clubs and foundations in the university.

Currently I am awaiting my graduation and still representing the undergraduate students in ISO meetings in the department of Sociology and Psychology. I view life more positively than ever. I believe that I am more strategic to support my family once more. I thank God for the support I have had throughout my life even at the university when OLPS stood by me in the university.

I am looking forward to enhance my education and gain a more competitive edge in the job market than thousands of graduates in the country. I thank OLPS and the leadership of Sister Anastasia Juma for her profound selfless attribute. Through such act of kindness, I can positively note that in a matter of time, I would also be able to help others who also need such help. It is one lesson of catching fish that we can never forget.

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