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Welcome To OLPS Kenya Receive greetings from Our Lady of Perpetual Support For People Living with AIDS and Orphans OLPS. We are indeed glad to have you visiting our website. At OLPS we find pride in making simple miracles possible on the basis of providing hope for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS pandemic. Read more


OLPS Health Programs To effectively deliver health programs that respond to the needs of members of our community, OLPS emphasizes on integrated approach to health programming. Our health services are both facility and community-based. We run a community dispensary, mobilize resources and partner with like-minded organizations to make healthcare affordable to members of our community. As much as our health services are modeled within the context of HIV and AIDS, we also reach out to other members of the community with general healthcare needs Read more


OLPS Health Programming focuses on… HIV Care and Treatment (targeting children, adolescents and adults); Community TB Prevention and treatment; Maternal Child Health services; Reproductive Health Services; HIV Testing Services. None of these if offered in isolation. Our integrated approach ensures that we address as many needs as possible for any person coming into contact with any of health service provider.

Building Resilient Households

Building Resilient Households OLPS covers the spectrum of services for anyone affected by HIV/AIDS. In this context, we work to empower individuals to be self reliant and live a dignified life. Our aim is to ensure that we support households in such a manner that they will be able to provide for their basic needs such as education for their children, healthcare, housing, food and nutrition among others. The ultimate goal is to create resilient households able to withstand crisis, recover from them and adapt so that they can better withstand them.

Livelihood Strengthening through small business support

Livelihood Strengthening through small business support OLPS uses a microfinance model to loan out small amounts of money ranging from Kshs. 10,000.00 to Kshs 15,000.00 to women for business startups and business expansion. Training and mentorship is key to the success of the businesses. Priority is given to women because of their proven ability to manage their businesses and repay their loans promptly. A total of 150 women are currently supported by this program. Read more

Building resilient households through sustainable agriculture

Building resilient households through sustainable agriculture On a 4ha piece of land, OLPS is implementing a Community Farmers’ Education Program and targets local farmers with low input farming technologies. OLPS primarily promotes food security for women & children affected by HIV/AIDS and focuses on creating healthy and nutritional gardens and keeping livestock e.g. chickens to boost family income. These women were facilitated to form groups for peer-to-peer mentorship Read more

OVC Program

OLPS OVC Program Kenya has an estimated 2.4 million orphans and vulnerable children, about 50% of whom are orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS. Regions with high HIV burden (like Kisumu where OLPS majorly operates) therefore account for a higher percentage of OVC. Because of lack of proper care and protection, these children experience many forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation, a situation which undermines their ability to develop into productive and responsible adults. OLPS implements a comprehensive OVC program that ensures this doesn’t happen. Read more

OVC Programming approach

OVC Programming approach We implement a two-pronged approach to addressing the plight of OVC i.e. community-based and institutionalized care at OLPS Children’s Rescue Center. Priority is given to community-based care strategy but in situations where there is need for extreme care and protection, OLPS admits carefully selected OVC into its Rescue Center for a 1 to 3 year transitional care and support. During this period, a responsible adult/relative is sought and prevailed upon to offer support to such a child as his/her own once the child leaves the center.

OLPS Water Project

Water Drilling Enabling access to safe clean water and sanitation facilities is one of the strategies identified by the community in improving their health standards of the community Read more

OLPS Bee keeping Project

Bee Keeping Project Description � Read more

Community Water and Sanitation Project (WASH)


The Chiga/OLPS Community Water and Sanitation Project (COWAS) is project being implemented by OLPS with funding from Mamahope International. Enabling access to safe clean water and sanitation facilities is one of the strategies identified by the community in improving their health standards and OLPS is facilitating provision and enabling access to this important resource. OLPS expects the community to successfully fight water-borne diseases which continue to compromise the health standards in the community. COWAS targeted 20,000 members of the nearby community, and then extended 3km away to supply adjacent community as well. With the initial main borehole sunk on a 5ha piece of land (Rita Rose Garden) at Kamrongo village, the water project now serves the OLPS demonstration farm which serves as a learning center for sustainable agricultural practices for the community members as well as producing food crops, Kamrongo Village residents as well as an adjacent village of Kadiju.

The project is guided by the following:-

VISION: OLPS envisions a community with unlimited access to clean safe water and sanitation facilities

MISSION STATEMENT: Enhance the provision and supply of clean safe water to the community by facilitating its access through equal participation of all gender in the mobilization, planning, implementation and management of sustainable water and appropriate sanitation facilities in the community.

This water resource is also open to community members who wish to have it at their door step. Such people are required to hand in their request by filling an application form which is available at OLPS main offices at a fee of Kshs 200.00. The details provided by an applicant form a basis for evaluating a potential consumer and deciding whether to approve his/her request. In case such an application is approved, depending on type of a consumer i.e. domestic use, approved kiosk, institution, commercial, the applicant will be required to pay standard fees e.g. water deposit, allocation charges, and meter rent. So far, the OLPS/Chiga Community water project has managed to connect water to 10 private consumers. This is another source of revenue in addition to Kshs 2.00 charged per 20ltr Jerican for the community members who draw water from either the water Kiosk or main water tower. The project expects to use these revenues for future expansion projects. Aside from the standard charges, these consumers are also billed on a monthly basis based on the level of consumption as shown by preinstalled water meters.

Management of the Community Water Project

OLPS/Chiga Community Project is managed by members of the community through a carefully selected group of volunteers, village resource persons and Water Management Committee. OLPS plays an overseer role. There are volunteers responsible for among other things inspecting and fixing pipelines, meter reading, sensitization campaigns about the new clean and reliable water source. Village resource persons play a protective by safeguarding the water source against vandalism and such like things that might compromise the quality of water supply. VRPs link project with the community and carry door-to-door training to community members on water and sanitation issues. Water Management Committee members are democratically elected among VRPs to oversee the general management of the water resource including revenue collection and banking, receiving complaints and forwarding the same to relevant authorities, among others. All these categories of people are in place and actively participating in the management of the water resource.

The project is in the process of acquiring necessary permits and licenses associated with the commercialization of the Water Project. These permits include:-

  1. Kenyan Bureau of Standards
  2. City Council permit 
  3. Public Health Department certificate of compliance with the public health regulations, 
  4. Water Resources Management Authority
  5. National Environment Management Authority
  6. Kenya Revenue Authority

Future Plans

  1. Further expansion of the water supply to reach more villages within the catchment area, 
  2. More connection to private consumers to boost revenue flow, 
  3. Target institutions such as schools and hospitals with the water project, 
  4. Initiate a water treatment and vending business (bottled water) also to raise more revenue for sustainability,

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